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  • Gerald Judd was founded in 1936 by Gerald Judd.
  • His son, Murray Judd, took over the business in 1962.
  • In 1967 the UK agency was set up for Feldmuehle, the German paper manufacturer.
  • In 1972 the company purchased the paper merchant Caxton Paper and 6 branches were opened in the UK over the next few years.
  • The business was bought by Feldmuehle in 1986 after 20 years of close trading.
  • The Swedish paper maker Stora bought Feldmuehle in 1989.
  • The publishing part of the company, Gerald Judd Sales, returns to private ownership through a management buyout in 1993.
  • The management buyout team was Jonathan Addy, Simon Perks and Tony Mepham.
  • Tony Mepham retired in 1999.
  • Robert Thompstone became a shareholder in 2003.
  • juddonline is launched in 2006.
  • Tavistock Paper 2011.
  • GERALD JUDD – all the paper that’s fit to print


Managing Director
Jonathan Addy -
Sales Director
Robert Thompstone -
Business Development Director
Chris Palmer -

Jonathan Clay
Sales manager -
Mark Reynolds
Sales manager -

Customer Services
Katherine Hawkins
Office Manager -
Gwen Durand
Customer Services -
Peter Hurn
Customer Services -
Victoria Fitzgerald
Customer Services -

Fay Thackray
Financial Controller -


    Identify customer requirements looking at Content, Format, Production methods, Distribution and Alternatives

    Match suitable supplier and product to the requirement. We look at the long term needs of the paper mills and match the best mill to suit the criteria required by the customer. We consider continuity of supply and optimal logistics, as well as price competitiveness.

    Supply paper and manage paper stocks via juddonline
  • Place forward orders against publisher’s forecast
  • Release orders against publisher’s confirmed requirements and existing stock levels
  • Ensure the paper is delivered on time
  • Record paper usage at the printer
  • Provide comprehensive financial reports to publishers on usage and stock positions

  • Support services
  • Regular information on market conditions and price trends
  • Paper seminars and training
  • Samples and dummies
  • Technical support sorting out any problems with the supplier
  • Print advice


‘We use our knowledge and experience of paper to provide our customers with independent advice in making the right choice supported with excellent, competitive service and market leading online paper management IT tools.’


Gerald Judd are a paper merchant with a difference – independent, innovative and always acting with integrity, constantly using our expertise in paper to benefit the customers first and foremost.

We often promote to our customers the use of less paper, ensuring the use of the correct product that is fit for the purpose of their project is our primary goal, not just the number of tonnes to be sold.

Do your paper suppliers, be they merchant, printer or agency, ever suggest how you can use less paper ?

Sometimes our paper advice really is the difference.

GERALD JUDD – all the paper that’s fit to print

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